Our Terms and Conditions

In order to be considered as an adopted parent, you must go to my
Adoption Application and fill it out completely. Please include your email
address and a phone number so that I may contact you to let you know
that your application has been accepted.  If you have questions or concerns
you can go to my
"Contact Us"  page and email me or text me.
We do not keep a waiting list. The cost to reserve a kitten is $200.00.
If the kitten needs to be shipped to the adopted parents, then the cost for
Shipping through United Airlines Pet Safe Program is  $325.00 to $395.00
depending on the weight of the kitten or cat.
Kitten's will not go to their new home until they are 12-14 weeks old. No
exceptions will be made to this.  I will tell you when the kitten is ready to go
home.  Sometimes I keep them a little longer, they are assessed on an
individual basis.  The contract will be sent to the Buyer through EchoSign
through email and must be signed 2 week before the kitten is shipped or
picked up.  If the buyer refuses to sign the Contract then all monies that have
been paid towards the kitten/cat will be forfeited and the kitten/cat will be
put back up for adoption.
If the Kitten/Cat will be going to a Show Cattery then I will have you sign a
Breeders Contract.  
We do not accept checks! We only accept payment the deposit through
PayPal.   For the Balance owed on the kitten that must be paid 10 days
before shipping. You can overnight a personal check or  If you choose to pay
the balance through  PayPal you must add  3.5 % to the remaining balance. O
If you are going to pick up your kitten in person then the Balance will be paid
by cash at the time of meeting.
Thank You,
Angelana Persians