We are a tiny CFA Registered home, where our Persians and Exotics are part of
our family. Our hobby is to Show our babies at CFA shows on weekends. Every
once in a while we will have a few kittens available for pet homes. We always
try to find our Retired Show Adults forever loving homes. We specialize in
showing and breeding, Solid and Bi-Color Persians and Exotics.  
We always strive to exceed the standards established by CFA.
Please be advised we are not a business or a pet store.
We breed for Health and Temperament! Our Kittens are all very sweet. All our
Babies are loved and socialized from the moment they are born. My Family and
I love to hold them, shower them with love and kisses. They grow up with our
Golden Retriever, Mozart and our Cocker Spaniel Sasha.
We DO NOT offer stud service. We only have a few litters a year.
If you want to be notified by email when there is a change on my web site,
there is a "Detection Box" for you to put your email address, on the "available
kitten page" so you will automatically be notified of any changes to these pages.
The detection box is completely secure, this service is free and your email
address will be kept confidential, I don't even see it.
Everyone will be evaluated on a personal one on one basis. We only ship in USA
and sometimes Canada. Everyone must sign and return our Contract to us, before
we let our babies go home. Final payment for your Baby is due two weeks
before shipping.

Thank You  ;)
Everything Angelana