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CH, GP, RW, BW, Sha Yen Sugar Pie of Angelana
Welcome to Angelana Persians, my name is Ana Picasso,
my cattery name is a combination of my Daughter's name Angela and my name Ana.   I adopted my first Persian in 1972, "Fluffy"
was a Shaded Silver with beautiful green eyes. Now that my children are raised and on their own, I have furry four footed children.
I started raising Persian Cats, about 8 years ago. I attended my first Cat Show 10 years ago and I was hooked.  In 2010-2011
I campaigned my first Persian Cat nationally.
Our breeding programs includes Bi-Color Persians and Solid Color Persians. Our kittens come in all colors, Red, Blue, Black,
Tortoiseshell, Patched Tabby, Brown Tabby, Silver Tabby, with many more colors. These Persians come in either Solid or Bi-Color.  
My kittens and Kitties are all home grown, in a loving nurturing environment. My Kittens stay with their Mom until they are a least
8-9 weeks old. Mom teaches them many Kitty lessons. They are fully socialized and loved so when they are adopted you will get a
very loving, healthy and fun baby kitten for your family.