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GC Angelana Paint It Black A/K/A Wicca
CH, GP, RW, BW, Sha Yen Sugar Pie of Angelana
Welcome to Angelana Persians, my name is Ana Picasso,
my cattery name is a combination of my Daughter's name Angela and my name Ana.   I adopted my first Persian in 1972, "Fluffy"
was a Shaded Silver with beautiful green eyes. Now that my children are raised and on their own, I have furry four footed children.
I started raising Persian Cats, about 6 years ago. I attended my first Cat Show 4 years ago and I was hooked.  In 2010-2011
I campaigned my first Persian Cat nationally.
Our breeding programs includes Bi-Color Persians and Solid Color Persians. Our kittens come in all colors, Red, Blue, Black,
Tortoiseshell, Patched Tabby, Brown Tabby, Silver Tabby, with many more colors. These Persians come in either Solid or Bi-Color.
And we are trying to breed the elusive and exclusive Blue Eyed Bi-Color Persian. My kittens and Kitties are all home grown, in a
loving nurturing environment. My Kittens stay with their Mom until they are a least 8-9 weeks old. Mom teaches them many Kitty
lessons. They are fully socialized and loved so when they are adopted you will get a very loving, healthy and fun baby kitten for
your family.
I knew everything there was to know about showing, boy I have to Thank You for seeing what I did not see in myself at the
time, Potential. You trusted me with your Precious Cargo, these babies carry the Blue Eyed Gene, which is almost I want to
Thank many Friends and Breeders, that believed in me, gave me a chance to succeed and taught me to be a better Cat
Mom, and helped me to learn. And I am still learning everyday.
Donna Waskiewizc, of Posh Persian:
for being my friend and mentor, putting up with my quirks every weekend this past year. You are my Best Friend, Mentor
and I could not imagine a world without you.
Jack Nichols and Tom Lukken, of Go-TeeKatz Persians:
We met at my first cat show, I was a disaster, but I think you must have seen some potential in me I adopted my first
Beautiful Persian Male, Go-TeeKatz Poker Chip of Angelana. "Pokie" is a loving, funny boy. He has given me some beautiful
babies. That day also started our Friendship that has with stood the test of time. I love you both, always remember that!
Chasity McCarthy, Ceylon Persians:
Chas you and I became friends almost immediately after talking. I miss you, I cherise our friendship, and all the help and
information you have given me to become a better cat "Mom".  Thank You from my heart!
Nell Hardt of Sha Yen Persians: Tom and Jack of Go-TeeKatz Persians:
all of you trusted me with Sha Yen Sugar Pie of Angelana and look at what she accomplished in this last year. We almost
made it to the National's, we got really close. All your cheers of encouragement made all the difference, Thank You from
the bottom of our hearts, Sugie and I.
Thank You to everyone
that I have not mentioned because I have run out of room. Every person that has come into my life because of my Persian
Cats, or in the Show Halls, I am richer because of you. You have helped me, been my friend when I was down and cheered
for me when my cat won.
Thank You,
Ana Picasso